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Time to play catch up on the blog! 

I finished knitting Cinnie at the end of June.   The yarn is SO soft!

Cinnie Back

This was a fast, fun and easy knit.  I didn't have to make any modifications other than going down a needle size to knit the bottom ribbing.  It seemed like it was curling up so I thought it might lay flatter with a tighter stitch.

The sweater construction is interesting.  You knit the back middle panel, pick up stitches along one side and cast on more to create one front side and sleeves.  After you finish one side, you do the same to the other side of the panel for the other front and sleeve.  After the top portion is completed, pick up around the bottom edge of the top to knit the rest of the sweater.

Sweater Stats:
Photos by Cynthia Spencer
Pattern: Cinnie by Chic Knits
Yarn: Simplicity by Hikoo
Needles: 6 and 5, (size 4 for bottom ribbing)



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