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X and Plus Quilt Finish

Or maybe it is called Plus and X?  I can't keep it straight.  I was trying to figure out what project to blog about next and I looked back over my blog and realized I've posted practically nothing.  So anything goes!

Japanese + and x UFO

This quilt was begun a few years ago.  I made 9 blocks and then it went into the bin of UFOs.  I brought it back out this spring to show my friends the blocks and they were instantly excited about the project.  I resolved it was time to get back to it.

It was fun selecting fabrics.  I laid them out together and tried to decide whether I liked a grouping or not.  It was so cool to finish a block and see how the prints and colors worked together.  The fabrics I had guarded jealously in my stash were raided.  If I loved it, I should try to fit it into this quilt. 

Man, it was hard to piece this precisely.  I got better at it but I felt like I must be missing some trick for accurately piecing the X pieces of the block.  I had to toss a few of the original 9 blocks because they were 1/8 an inch or more off.  I tossed another block because even after three years, I still thought it was ugly!  I debated: throw size or wall hanging?  In the end, I decided I was done once I had this layout.  Making a throw would have taken me quite a while and I am kind of trying finish up UFOs.  Heh.

I tried to quilt this so that the plus shape would pop out.  I used a variegated YLI thread.  It seems to be one of my go to threads when making a quilt with a wide range of colors and shades.  After I saw a gorgeous X and Plus quilt done in waves, I kind of wished I had done the same.  I am going to try that pattern on a triangle quilt I have basted.

Photo by Cynthia Spencer

It feels great to have this done and hanging up on the wall!



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