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Miss BB 2.0

Sometimes you have to make the same thing twice.  In this case, I really liked the sweater I had knit originally but it had some problems.  After washing Miss BB 1.0, the sleeves grew immensely, the shoulders drooped and it was kind of floppy.  Also, it turns out I don't look so good in pink!  But I do look good in orange, which I would never have believed before my friend did my colors.

Miss BB
Miss BB 1.0 circa 2010

In my quest this past year to knit the perfect sweater (one that fits me), I decided to revisit this pattern.  With Shirley Paden's Kniterwear Design Workshop in hand, some math, graph paper and my measurements, I tackled this again.  There was a LOT of ripping and re-knitting to get the sizing right.  I think it took me about 4 months to finish.

I narrowed the shoulders about an inch on each side, shortened the sleeves, narrowed the waist and raised the division between the waist and bust.  I could really appreciate how challenging this must have been to design because switching stitch patterns and then accounting for that in gauge while doing bust increases was a bit tricky.

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Miss BB 2.0 in chilly February 2015

Miss BB 2.0 from the back



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