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Fancy Forest Block of the Month

It is no secret that I am a sucker for cute.  I had this plan that 2016 would be a bucket list year and I would start six projects, one every other month, from a list of projects I have long wanted to make.  But then an opportunity came along to make a Fancy Forest quilt and teach it as a block of the month at my local quilt shop. And I decided to put more work into a sweater I had been neglecting and to start a new project on a table loom I had borrowed.  Now we are at the end of February and no bucket list projects are happening. :)  So, the bucket list is postponed due to "cute interruption" until either June or next January.

On to the Fancy Forest quilt.  I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of quilt making is selecting the fabrics.  To make a large quilt from this pattern, you need 40 fat quarters, a background fabric, as well as a light and a dark fabric for face details.

The first pattern in Elizabeth Hartman's booklet is the fox, which was one of my favorite animals in this quilt.  The instructions are very clear and easy to follow; however, no amount of instructions will help you if you don't check to make sure your seam allowance is a scant 1/4".

My seam allowance, it turns out, had been too large.  I made a few blocks before I realized and I had to resort to sewing some thin strips of scrap fabric together to get the exact right spot on my Bernina.

These blocks are super fun to make!  Below are the first 8 of 16 foxes.  I made duplicates of each because I am making a sample for the shop and a quilt for myself.

 Our version of the quilt is going to be a bit more blue/green and red/purple.  I can't wait to show you the next installment.

Stitch Your Art Out will be selling the kits.  You can call to order yours (814) 238-4151.  If you live in central PA, you can join our class!  We meet once a month on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. through December.


Well I agree that cute trumps bucket list every time! This is a sweet quilt and it will be fun watching it grow :o) Every time I think I have finally mastered my scant 1/4" seam I have a humbling experience...always something to strive for.
Amy said…
I have not mastered the scant. but your blocks look great,
Liana said…
Pretty blocks. I wish I could join your class...
Teresa Rawson said…
I just love the foxy blocks, so cute! And I had to laugh out loud at the "most interesting manin the world"...like HE knows what end of scissors to use, LOL!


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