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Owls Join the Fancy Forest

We're at about the halfway point in our Fancy Forest BOM! The June and July blocks are the very stern looking owls.

I enjoyed piecing these more than the rabbits.  They are certainly time consuming, however. :) 

For the strips of the belly, I found that my pieces shrunk in length as I sewed them together. I began cutting them a half inch longer than called for and cutting the pieced sections down to size.  That was a big help. 

With the pieces around the eyes, you have to be careful that the fabrics you choose don't look odd in narrow strips.  Some shapes or a certain sizes of prints don't work that well in those narrow pieces. You also have to watch out if you have directional fabrics on any of the squares that are sewn on the diagonal into triangles.  I folded mine first to see which direction I wanted them to face and then drew my sewing line.


Nicolette said…
Thanks for your visit to my blog and lovely comment. I replied to your comment, but the mail bounced back!

Love the Fancy Forest blocks you’ve made! I have the pattern and would love to get started!
Michael5000 said…
The grey owls are very stern looking. It's harder to look stern when you're teal or royal blue.

It's interesting how obvious it is at first glance that they are owls, but if you look at them more carefully they can dissolve into their geometric parts. But then, if you blink and think about something else, the owls are back!
Liana said…
Owls are great! Look very hard to make. Will you make one blanket with all animals on it?


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