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Weaving Reversing Point Twill

I took on an enormous work project starting about a year ago--to revamp two intensive Spanish courses. The courses are now done, classes are almost over, and I am happy to be back to making things I love.

After the previous limited success of the weaving with the table loom, I finally got the hang of weaving with a bit of help from a pattern to choose the right sett. I used Barbara Elkin's Modified Star-Work Dishtowels and also found some other drafts on handweaving.net that used the same threading--8 harness reversing point twill. I warped the loom for 6 towels in 8/2 cotton (Homestead Cotton from Halcyon Yarn) and the weaving was a bit slow because of work, but it went smoothly. I made three star towels and I really loved weaving them and the pattern.

I wove one heart towel, which would also be fun for Valentine's Day. Draft is Hearts by Judie Eatough.

And I did one towel with a diamond pattern, but I can't remember which draft off the top of my head.

I started these towels last May and was rushing to complete them at the end of November. I ended up just cutting off the five towels and not bothering to weave a 6th because I was trying to get the loom, which was loaned to me by a friend, out of my living room before my mom came to visit at Thanksgiving. These towels were all Christmas gifts to friends and family.

Why was the table loom in my living room? Because the stars aligned and I was unexpectedly able to buy the floor loom of my dreams! It now resides in the sewing room. I purchased a used Louet David from 70cm loom from Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Michigan after a trip there with my mom this summer.  I will be forever grateful to my mom for driving up to Heritage with her truck and trailer, picking up the loom, and then driving the hundreds of miles to central PA to deliver it to me in July.

More to come about my adventures with my new loom!  I have done a lot of weaving since the start of the New Year (well, a lot for someone who was working all the time). :)



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