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Fancy Forest is Finished!

I haven't posted my progress in the Fancy Forest quilt and I just finished the two tops yesterday: one for the shop and one for myself. Here are some pics of the quilt as it progressed.

The rest of the owls. AKA a "stare" of owls. (stare/parliament is the collective noun and is very apt).

I finished the last of the owls in September. Classes were in session and I got way behind. After that, all I could manage was 1-2 blocks of the hedgehogs, thistles and fireflies.

Upper Left Quadrant

I made enough blocks to finish the upper left quadrant to show my BOM class at the end of the year.

An "array" of hedgehogs. Array is the collective noun for hedgehogs.
In April, my work for my classes started winding down and I got back to working on Fancy Forest at full speed.  At the Stitch Your Art Out retreat, I was able to make all the hedgehogs.  Toward the end of the month, I had all the blocks completed for both quilts.

No collective noun for thistles. Let's call it a "bouquet."

No collective noun for fireflies, either. Perhaps a "glow" of fireflies?

Since the end of classes, I have been plugging away on adding the sashing. This took a remarkably long time because a lot of the blocks were not square and I had to fudge the seams a lot to get them squared up with the sashing. The background fabric was the perfect color for the quilt but it was a loose weave and even with starching, it was a real challenge to work with. Cutting it up into all those tiny pieces created a lot of problems for me in the end.

Upper Right Quadrant

Upper half of quilt

Lower Left Quadrant

Lower Right Quadrant

Voila! Mediocre shot of the finished top.
I just finished putting the borders on the two quilts over the past two days. It feels like a relief and an accomplishment to get them both done.  They were an incredible amount of work!  

Our longarm quilter will be quilting this in August. I'll share a better photo once

I am not sure what I want to work on next. I have many quilt UFOs that deserve attention and I would also love to play around with something new. Maybe Jen Kingwell's Halo quilt? Stay tuned!


Goodness this Fancy Forest is beautiful Misty! I can't imagine making TWO of them! You certainly persevered through this project. I'll look forward to seeing the complete reveal once they are quilted.


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