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Take it Further Challenge January-3

Sorry for the poor lighting in the photo, it's a gloomy day here and it was difficult to get a good shot of it. Well, I had hoped to have accomplished much more on this block; however, this was all the progress I managed to make in January. I plan to keep working on it but I need to get a little more time to learn some stitches and SRE. My violets at the top didn't turn out quite as I expected so I gave up on trying to fill them in. Really, the main challenge for me has been finding the time and patience to sit down and learn so many new things at once.

I think I've probably taken on a bit more than I can manage well so I've tried to think of ways to make the challenge more manageable. I think that what I will do from this point on is make smaller blocks (4 in. as opposed to 8). January will be the center block and I'll sew the smaller ones around the outside of it. This way, hopefully I can actually finish my block each month and not feel so pressured to learn embroidery so quickly.

When my mom heard that I was working on a crazy quilt block, she set out to assist me by looking for old lace and searching ebay for silk ribbon. They should be arriving soon. Thanks, Mom!

I have starting sock knitting. I'll share more about that in my next post.


Debi said…
What adorable crazy blocks. Please visit my blog for my latest give away.

Anonymous said…
EVerytime I see this block I fall in love with the little goat. Keep with it, you are doing well.
Solstitches said…
Misty you are doing such a great job with this! I love the little goat!
Looking forward to seeing your knitted socks. I knitted a few pairs last year. They are fun, small projects.

Anonymous said…
Misty I love the quilt. You got me w/the goat! Not the 1st x I have read your blog. I knit (socks!)and have machine quilt before.
Have lots to say. Email? J. Kluck
Misty said…
Debi, Jacqui, Margaret and Juanita:

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my crazy quilt block. I've been itching to spend some more time with it and get going on my next block for February. Hopefully, I will have some more progress to show after the weekend.

I really appreciate hearing from all of you. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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