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Quilting Mode

I've noticed that I can never fully give my energy all at once to the three crafts I love doing most: knitting, quilting/sewing, and crochet. One or two of them always get more attention while the others are sort of neglected. For a long time, knitting was taking precedence but since spring began, I've been wanting to quilt. I cleared off my design wall and put this One Block Wonder quilt on it, which I started back in November of 2008.


One Block Wonder Begins


One Block Wonder Final Layout?

I just finished piecing the blocks into rows, so now I need to put the rows together. I'm toying with using a black border with an accent strip running down the middle that would be blue, pink, etc.

I told myself I couldn't start any more quilts until I finished this one. Then I rationalized that it was okay to try out a block I wanted to experiment with that I was admiring in the Japanese + and x quilt along on flickr.

Japanese + & X block 1

Then I made another, and another...

Japanese + and x mosaic




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